Virtual CIO Services

Technology is part of our everyday life at home and work. It is crucial to building a strategy to pay and budget for your technology needs and, more importantly, ensure you are leveraging technologies to support your business. Technology correctly leveraged will help you reach your business’s short and long-term goals. With decades of experience in providing and maintaining computer, network, and telecommunications operations for companies, we can assure your technology is planned out and performing to give you the edge you need.

System Reviews

All businesses should periodically review and evaluate their technology environment and systems. Companies of all shapes and sizes often focus on daily business activities and become reactive to technology needs. Our consulting team can review any areas of concern or your entire infrastructure from top to bottom. We’ll look for problems, issues, and technology gaps and then provide a detailed written evaluation with specific recommendations and next steps. We help to prioritize your requests and focus on the most critical issues first. From there, you’re free to pursue the action items or allow us to help with implementation.

Cloud Services

Get your company moved to the cloud to ensure data is safe, secure, and accessible to your team. Whether you prefer Office 365, GSuite, or other cloud providers, we have the expertise to support new setups and migrations to the cloud. This technology is a great way to remove the risk of losing data stored locally on servers with traditional backups that, in failure, cost time and money. We will ensure that your data will always be available for your teams.

Computer Service

We provide end-user, Antivirus, Security, Backups, and Setup of new systems. If you need applications to complete a task, we can help you find the right one or help support the ones you use.

Network Support

Maintain or Acquire internet connectivity, internal data network, and WIFI. Whether you need to have your network reviewed, maintained, or a new site planned out and implemented, we have your back.

Data and Telecommunications

Mobile devices or providers, internal phone systems or VOIP, or any flavor of communication platforms, we have the experience to assure you are connected and not overbuying to keep your team connected.


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